Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mi amigos

So this is my sentimental post. Prepare yourself and don't say I didn't warn you.
When people say, "how is hair school?" "Do you like it?" I ALWAYS say. . . Uhh ya it's great but I'm just working on getting done as quick as possible, because honestly that is exactly what I have been trying to do for the past year but looking back on it now I have realized how much I actually LOVE hair school! More important, how much I love the people I have met. Hair school is one big dance party, filled with laughs, silly and EMBARRASSING experiences, and the longest chats ever. As much as I don't like being with girls 247 I could not have asked for a better crew of girls to spend all day erryday with. We laugh together and occasionally shed a tear, tell stories on stories and experiment with the craziest things. Sometimes we even dye my hair blue. . .

These girls have changed my life and I will forever love them for the endless amount of time (aka 2000 hours) that I spent with them, learning and growing together. It's like the longest girls camp ever so obviously there are a ton of days I think I'm going to blow up if anyone even talks to me they are all bugging me so bad but then they make me laugh and I can't help but love them all. It's like having 30 best friends that know more about your life than you yourself do! I really just don't know what I will do when I don't see all of them every single day!

So most of you cannot even picture even a single girl that I am talking about so I'm going to give you a little glimpse of my everyday life and introduce you to some of the most amazing people who ever lived.

Kaybri Chalk, my very first friend at hair school, the silliest, most paranoid, goofy, loving,walking urban outfitters add, shorty, who makes me laugh harder than anyone else. She can put a smile on a rock. She is the sweetest person and it blows my mind everyday that she is from Springville Utah and not NYC.

Diana Olsen/Cooley my hip Californian married amigo that I tell EVERYTHING to. She is the wisest and kindest person ever. Not to mention has one of the best styles ever and is the cutest wife. I look up to her in so many ways we'll except not physically, I'm definitely one of the tallest chicks at school.

Skylar Olsen, oh my oh my, where do I even begin. Sky is one of the most thoughtful people on earth and always makes me feel like she sincerely cares. She just gets things. We have the deepest of chats and she amazes me. She is one of the strongest people I have ever met. She is so confident and most importantly a twin!
Miranda Murdock the Indian Princess model. This is no lie she is part Indian and is one of the best looking humans I have ever met. Not to mention she is one of the chillest. I don't think Miranda has ever had a stress attack in her life probably ever. She is from a very small town in Utah but this girl seriously is going places.

Caitlyn Goble my little floridian sunflower. Cait is probably the most opinionated ghetto white girls you will ever meet. She is the kind of girl that you know is in the building the second you step in the door and is probably one of the funnest people you will meet. Caitlyn is the kind of girl that has your back no matter what and if needs be would probably punch your enemies in the face with out a second thought. 
Stephanie Harris is what I would refer to as a jack in the box. She is not all that meets the eye and thats why hanging out with her is so much fun. Everytime I thought I had her figured out she would surprise me with all sorts of spicy stories. She is a coca-cola addict and I blame her fully for my new addiction. She is also one of the most thoughtful people. Steph was always there for me when I was in a squeeze.

Madeline Voyles, the best cooking partner who ever lived. Maddie and I randomly lived at all the same apartments the whole time and I had the best times carpooling with her to and from school and chilling afterwards to make dinner and watch Prison Break every single day for like a month. Maddie is from Las Vegas and has the sassiest personality.  
Rebekah Wooden is just one of those girls that is a silent sweet heart. She was also the first one from our class to graduate. Becka was always down to try new up dos and hairstyles on my hair. She has like the prettiest eyes on planet earth and she was just a chill person to be around and I loved that about her.

Bailee Elaine Barton, holy cow, I don't even know where to begin. Bailee is my sleepover buddy and my break time snack buddy, my singing partner, my loud, silly, loving, crazy, PARTNER IN CRIME. I think we single handedly drove every single person in the school insane at one point or another. We were always breaking rules, being silly, and having way too much fun. Bailee is thee absolute most giving person you will ever meet. Seriously, she was always sharing everything with me and everyone else she is around. She is the most open and sincere person you will ever meet. If she is mad at you, you are definately aware and if she is excited or happy to see you, everone in a 6 mile radius is aware of it. She is the craziest Idahoan I will ever meet and I love her to pieces.

Jenee is my California beauty queen. Jenee is the most meticulous, detail oriented, person I have met in a long time. I love it because everyday she looked like she walked right out of a pinterest page. She has the worlds prettiest melt and I would have to go find her every time I did an ombre to show them what they are missing out on. She also curled my hair like every day of hair school and I am ever so grateful for it!

Jenessa Fabrizio is my not so secret girl crush. She seriously is the nicest girl you will ever meet. I don't think I ever heard her talk bad about someone and she is so sweet to everyone she is around. My other favorite part about Jenessa is her Italian side, she can get so passionate about things and if she is really upset you can hear her from a mile away and coming from the sweetest girl around its like the funniest/best thing. It makes my day everytime.

And of course don't let me forget about my gurrrl Lindsay Curtain. Lindsay is from Orange County, California but somehow we randomly had a million friends in common. Lindsay is one spicy red head and hanging out with her is never a bore. I could always count on her to sing ghetto rap tunes to me and even on occasion we may have wopped (best dance ever) for the entire school. 

And there are so many more but my hands are going to fall off from typing. I loved everyone at my school that I met and had the opportunity to get to know. I also wanted to give a big shout out to my incredible instructors that changed my life. So all in all hair school was a GOOD time!

love, calee

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