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So a little about me. . .
I am hair school student residing in Salt Lake City, Utah
But don't let me get so ahead of myself, Ill take you on a little journey called my life and what lead me to this amazing profession. I hate to say it because it sounds so cliche` but I was literally born to do hair. I had such a fascination with hair dressers as a wee little one. I LOVED going to get my hair cut because it smelled SO good in the salon and my hair looked so perfect after. I spent thousands of hours playing with my dolls hair growing up. I didn't have any sisters or anyone to teach me how to do hair growing up but I was so fascinated with it. So when I turned 7 and I got my very first American Girl Doll I taught myself how to french braid just through trial and lots of error. My mom knew how much I loved "doing hair" so she taught me very young that I could only use pretend scissors after a little incident with a barbie. Despite not having sisters I had the absolute best brothers in the world that would let me play with their hair almost every day, styling it, pretending to cut it and making them look so pretty with lots of bows and everything.

By the time I reached high school my reputation for doing hair preceded myself. I was the local hair braider. I probably put braids in over 200 peoples heads. Then one day I decided I was going to start doing corn rows and I built somewhat of a business out of it. All the sudden "rows" were THE thing to have.

By my senior year, boys decided to put their trust in me to cut their hair. Let me remind you I had absolutely no professional instruction, in fact I didn't have any instruction at all I was purely making it up as I went. By the time I started college I basically had a full clientele which beats me because my hair cuts were poor to average. Nothing amazing, but that's when I knew I could wait no longer to chase after my dreams and go to hair school and get my license. . .

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