Thursday, August 15, 2013

Its all about time

So hair school is one big race to get the most hours. I spend more time in school than I do outside of school. It not only becomes your home but your life. I spend time more time with the people I go to school with than people I actually want to be around but that's the beauty of it. Being confined to one building for such an extended amount of time you learn to grow and you learn to love the crazy people around you and they end up being your friends. Its so crazy but this past week I passed my 3/4 marker. I am on the home stretch and I know its going to FLY by and I am excited and scared, its like I want to laugh, cry, hide in a corner, and run free all at the same time. But there is so much to do I don't even have time to do all those things. I am coming up on my year mark in about a month and I cant believe it. TIME FLIES SO LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

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