Saturday, November 23, 2013

goodbye hairschool

the day finally came and I can hardly believe it.


It literally seems like yesterday I was walking into school, so nervous not knowing a soul, and being dead silent all day because I was so nervous and now boom. It is finally over! I dotted my I's and crossed my T's. I am officially a licensed cosmetologist and I could not be happier and I honestly can not wait to see what the future has in store for me! 

Hair school. . . . CHECK!

But do not be miss led, my graduation day was not all smiles, in fact it was a lot, lot, LOT of tears. I came I laughed, we danced, we all had a good time and it is finally coming to a close and it is so sad. I am going to miss the great friends that I made and all the fun I had at school every single day. However, now that its over I can finally take a breathe, and relax and look back on all the fun times I had. Here are a few pics of my experience at Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design.

 my first day of school and getting my very own iPad

 just the best costume ever. . . Snooooopp

 experimenting on eachother

 1,000 hours and blue hair

photo shoots at school

 Beacon Graduate

1 whole year at school

 hair school trips

 viva las vegas

nerding it at beacon

 Lagoon day at school

late night shenanigans at night school

 passing my state boards

that one time I was in constant pain for an entire month at school and had to wear skirts every day because my pants didn't fit anymore

my last week at school I modeled at the TA awards

and a special thanks to the absolute best instructors ever! I'm going to miss these fools!

peace out cosmetology school
XO Calee

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