Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The REAL thing

So on November 7 I graduated Freshman and started out on the floor. Scariest/ most exciting day of my life. I was finally cutting hair like a professional, well trying to atleast. My darling roommate Jessica came in and then my mother dear. To be honest I was trippin the entire time but it turned out way good! I was so proud of my self.
Cut and color my FIRST day on the floor on my beautiful mama

Another highlight of hairschool is having my friends from hairschool do my hair. Its kinda scary at first but it always turns out and it makes your days go faster. And anything that makes your days go by faster at hairschool is a good thing.

Since then I have had the opportunity to try new things out on my trusting family and friends. I absolutely love when they come in not only because I get to hang out with them at work but because they let me try new ideas out on them and because they are all strikingly good looking humans I'm usually safe to do anything cause they look good no matter what.

 Natural Melt and Victoria Secret layers on Victoria

Reverse Melt on the one and only Elisabeth Anne 

 Shaved Liza's head Ellie Golding Style

Chopped 8 inches off my Roommate Jet (Jaleigh)


  1. I just found this! I love the reverse melt it is beautiful!! great job! I'm lovin the blog!

  2. dang girl you are fantastic!! if you ever have any cool ideas for short hair let me know! like for real.