Sunday, April 21, 2013


So for the past two and half months my hair school has been very busy working on our annual Hair Show. The term hair show may be foriegn to you so let me paint a picture for you. In essesence a hair show is like a fashion show only for hair. Each year the students are given a theme and this year was movie trilogies. Each group was given a movie series to concentrate on and was challenged to create ellaborate hair pieces that had to do with their particular film. This was no easy feat. It takes a ton of planning prepation and money to put on a show like this but it actually turned out to be pretty exciting. It was incredible seeing what students created, and very rewarding to see your personal work displayed in front of thousands of people to see. My group was X-men, and more importantly my character was Magneto.  Now if you are like me you are probably wondering who magneto is, so I googled him and these are some of the pictures I found and used for my inspiration.

Finally after months of preparation on April 18th Taylor Andrews put on their annual hair show. It was a very long and tiring day but the final show made it all worth it! It was so fun to have this creative freedom and see my ideas come to life. My amazing friend was my model and in the end it turned out to be a really fun experience but I could not be happier that it is over now.

Here are some pictures of my piece!

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