Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adventures in Hair School

Hair school is approximately 2,000 hours your life and lets just say its not the easiest 2,000 hours but I have had some of the best memories at that blessed school because I basically live there. On one of the first days of school I found out that we got iPads and I literally started crying. This is no exaggeration. Just ask any of my fellow class mates. The first 200 hours of your time is spent in a classroom learning all the basics to cosmetology and 90% of the time its a lot of fun! You get lots of new stuff and you finally learn how to use those dang shears! I also made lots of new chill friends which makes for lots of NICE TIMES.

the day we got our iPads

Freshman Classroom

the day I dressed up as Snoop Dogg (Halloween)

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