Tuesday, February 26, 2013

hola world

My first official post! I hope you are all as excited as I am. So I thought that it would be selfish if I did not share my thoughts, achievements, and experiences as an up and coming cosmetologist. So here I am. Sharing, with you (aka the world). My first day on this new adventure was September 18th and it has only been uphill from there. My entire life I have always dreamed of being a hair stylist and now at age 20 I am finally getting around to it! My dreams are finally coming true and it could not be more rewarding. I have the opportunity to not only make people look beautiful but feel beautiful. I love what an influence I can have on peoples' spirit just by spending some time with them and changing their hair a bit. Plus lets be real there is absolutely nothing better than a man with a nice sharp haircut. I love the creative freedom I possess, each day holds opportunities of the unknown and its just my job to find them. Its one of the better things that I have done in my life. And here's a little glimpse of my journey to making my dreams come true. 

Literally my dreams started at a young age

no one was mad about the mushroom cut

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